I’m Chris and welcome to the Blind Man with a Backpack.

I have always been short-sighted, getting my first pair of glasses at 18 months. At it’s best, my prescription was around -6 in my teens, by the time I reached my early thirties it had settled at around -11. I always wanted to have corrective surgery, but was told that due to the complexity of my vision LASIK was never an option so, when I discovered a procedure called Implanted Contact Lenses (ICL), I was intrigued and in the summer of 2015, had the surgery which would remove the need for me to ever wear glasses again.

All was going great until a routine check-up in February 2018 found that something wasn’t quite right. After further tests, including a very intense procedure called an Electroretinogram (ERG) – I think this exam is where Stanley Kubrick got the inspiration for the conversion therapy in A Clockwork Orange – I was informed that I had a macula condition called Cone Dystrophy and it was likely I would lose much of my central vision.

My initial thought was “how bad can it be?” after all, I had made it to nearly 40 with no issues so to lose my vision in another 40 years doesn’t sound like too much of a hardship. How wrong I was! Almost 3 years to the day of that diagnosis, I was registered as Sight Impaired, the first step towards blindness.

Although tough, I could still navigate the world with very little help and could still make out the faces of my family and friends. It was at this point I decided to embark on my biggest challenge ever, walking 100km from London to Henley to raise money for the Macular Society. As a way of raising as much awareness and money as possible, the Blind Man with a Backpack was born. I began posting photos of my walks on Instagram and writing about my experiences in a personal blog.

Things continued to degrade and in the run up to Christmas 2021, I revisited my consultant. After a failed attempt to read the letter chart, I was regrettably informed that I met the criteria of Severely Sight Impaired (or blind).

So, this brings us to today and this space. A place to share the highs and lows of sight loss and disability and I invite you to join me in this journey.

Take care


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